We offer a comprehensive service for the transport of any goods, including ADR, in road transport across the whole of Europe.

All our partners are offered:

  • a completely customer-based cooperation;
  • support in situations requiring immediate response 24 hours a day;
  • security and reliability of shipment;
  • information on the current location of the vehicle;
  • a prompt re action to an offer inquiry;
  • liability insurance cover for the amount of PLN 1 milion; 
  • 30 vehicles for carrying unitized goods of the capacity from 1 to 10 pallets weighing up to 1400 kg  at our constant disposal (some vehicles are equipped with lifts).

Buses with a carrying capacity of 8 ep.

  • Cargo area height: 2,20 m
  • Cargo area width: 2,20 m
  • Cargo area length: 4,20 m
  • Cargo area volume: app. 20 m3
  • Capacity (EURO pallets) : 8
  • Capacity (kg) : 1200 kg

Buses with a carrying capacity of 10 ep.

  • Wysokość przestrzeni ładunkowej: 2,30 m
  • Szerokość przestrzeni ładunkowej: 2,20 m
  • Długość przestrzeni ładunkowej: 4,80 m
  • Kubatura: ok. 24 m3
  • Ładowność EURO palet: 10 szt.
  • Ładowność w kg: 1200 kg

We deliver quality you can trust.


Years of our transport business has become crucial to be effective.


We know that a detail can make a difference, so we focus on pampering them.


We know potential threats, so we can predict them and thus completely eliminate them.

Company permissions

We have all the necessary licenses to organize road transport of goods in the European Union.

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